Companies are vulnerable to potential cyberthreats during mergers and acquisitions; learn from an expert why and how to reduce security risks during the transition.

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Cybersecurity is one of the last things on upper management’s radar during a merger or acquisition, but it should be one of the first considerations. “Companies that are being bought and sold are often prime targets for cyberattacks,” explained Jim Crowley, CEO of cybersecurity solutions provider Industrial Defender, during an email question-and-answer session. “However, by enacting Operational Technology security measures, organizations can avoid an exciting company milestone becoming an infrastructure and security nightmare.”

To learn more about this overlooked vulnerability, Crowley answered the following questions.

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Why are cybercriminals targeting companies undergoing a merger or acquisition (M&A)?

Crowley: They are attacking these companies for the same reason people used to rob banks: it’s where the money is. If you sold a business to a large company or a private equity firm, they would have a lot more resources to pay up than if you were a smaller stand-alone organization without a strong balance sheet.

Something else to consider is the nature of M&A. New ownership and management teams transitioning in or out of their roles, present opportunities for cybercriminals to attack while businesses are in …….


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